These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve added a new page on this website! I have always like when the people I follow have a list on their website of gear they are currently using or just a general list of some of their favorite things. Therefore, I’ve created that on as well! Favorites is a place where I will be adding things I have purchased where when I use them I’m like – damn, this was a great purchase and it brings me joy to have/use it. For the amount of things I buy/use, there aren’t many things that fit this list for me. I’m also pretty particular about a lot of the products in my life so I’m hoping that this list will be interesting for other people as well! Sometimes I will recommend a very specific model (ex: my tea kettle, document scanner) but other times it will just be a general category of product (ex: cordless vacuum, smart lighting). I look forward to seeing the list grow and change in the future! I plan to keep a list of revisions at the bottom for when I add or (especially) remove items from my favorites.