These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’ve added a new page on this website! I have always like when the people I follow have a list on their website of gear they are currently using or just a general list of some of their favorite things. Therefore, I’ve created that on as well! Favorites is a place where I will be adding things I have purchased where when I use them I’m like – damn, this was a great purchase and it brings me joy to have/use it. For the amount of things I buy/use, there aren’t many things that fit this list for me. I’m also pretty particular about a lot of the products in my life so I’m hoping that this list will be interesting for other people as well! Sometimes I will recommend a very specific model (ex: my tea kettle, document scanner) but other times it will just be a general category of product (ex: cordless vacuum, smart lighting). I look forward to seeing the list grow and change in the future! I plan to keep a list of revisions at the bottom for when I add or (especially) remove items from my favorites.

My Plans for This Website

Here’s the deal. I’ve tried doing blogs before, most notably (for me) my Personal Finance For Humans blog. My goal was to write about personal finance topics that are important in a way that anyone can read or understand. I wrote a dozen posts or so and then have let it sit for years. Most people didn’t read it, which is quite alright. My favorite post was about investing early being better than investing higher dollar amounts – super important so who knows, maybe I’ll post it here eventually. I also started a podcast by the same name as the blog and got an entire 1 episode recorded. It’s a ton of work to do it and do it well – damn. I also had a blog for some years named Natura Est Vita because I created it in college and I was #deep and named it in Latin. Cool.

So here I am. Blog #3 for me. But here’s the deal, I’m not pigeonholing myself this time around. This blog is for literally anything I want. I tend to post my thoughts/opinions/information I want to share with people on Facebook. However, I want to own my words so my plan is to write most things here and then just share links on Facebook/twitter/wherever. This will also be my home on the internet so if I do cool things I’ll share about it here.

You may not agree with the things I post. You might find things offensive. I might get super political. This is who I am and these are the opinions and beliefs I hold – at least at the time I am posting them.

Things I plan to write about:

  • General Thoughts on Current Events
  • Politics – too much happening here these days for me to not share opinions
  • Tech stuff – <3
  • Photography
  • Covid – especially regarding Minnesota’s response since I have followed it reasonably closely
  • Personal Finance
  • Credit Cards – I love credit cards…

My posts will be anywhere from a single word to multitudes of paragraphs. I’m not setting any real rules here. I also may steal an idea from Daring Fireball and occasionally link to articles/videos/posts I find super inspiring/interesting and share my brief thoughts on them.

Here we go.